On-the-Job Training

All SecurAmerica officers are required to satisfy minimum on-the-job (OJT) standards (based on sophistication of post and individual client requirements) using SecurAmerica’s structured and documented on-the-job training methodology.

For each post, a detailed OJT checklist is created and used to facilitate a new officer’s training at the account.  Each post uses a checklist that is customized for the post and site using SecurAmerica’s base template.  The checklist is used to ensure all aspects of an officer’s responsibilities and duties are covered in a consistent manner and within the proscribed time frame as specified by the client.  The checklist is used by the designated officer trainer and covers the following learning categories:

  • Post description
  • Account overview
  • Key duties and responsibilities
  • Customer priorities and “hot buttons”
  • Post-related equipment/usage
  • Customer service
  • Access control (if applicable for that post)
  • Fire, life safety and building support systems and equipment
  • Security
  • Emergency procedures
  • Safety
  • General
    • Reports, logs, forms
    • Communications protocols
    • Work schedule
    • Time sheet
    • Client policies
    • Appearance standards
  • Detailed site/building tour and familiarization
  • Demonstrations (of equipment, duties)
  • Scenarios (likely non-emergency and emergency situations)

Each category of instruction includes a sign-off by the office and the training and final documentation that the officer was trained using the OJT checklist and within the required training time duration.

The OJT training process heavily relies on SecurAmerica’s comprehensive post orders that were developed at the time of our partnership launch with a client.  All checklists and testing instruments used in the training process are vetted and validated by client representatives and the actual officers working the posts, thus maximizing program legitimacy, stakeholder feedback and officer performance/effectiveness.

All officers/supervisors who are designated post trainers receive instruction in proper field training techniques and a detailed overview of SecurAmerica’s OJT post training certification process.

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