Computer-Based Training

SecurAmerica offers computer-based training (CBT) to our employees as part of a required and optional training process.  Our officers are provided access the company’s e-learning portal called, the “SecurAmerica Interactive Learning System (SAILS).”  This system allows any employee anywhere in the world to access a host of fun, interactive and interesting courses on a 24-hour/7-day-a-week basis, including:

  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Legal Authority and Limitations
  • Liability Avoidance
  • Effective Report Writing
  • Communications
  • Effective Patrol Techniques
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Crowd Control
  • Courtroom Testimony
  • Safety
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Fire Protection/Detection Systems
  • Proactive Fire Prevention Patrol Techniques
  • Fire Extinguisher Usage
  • Defensive Driving (via National Safety Council)
  • Homeland Defense courses
  • Account and site-specific courses, including on-line post orders, post tests and monthly training topics

SecurAmerica’s interactive courses were custom-developed by adult learning development professionals who are noted experts in physical security, risk management and life safety concepts. Each CBT course includes narration, high intensity graphics, digital photography and imbedded interactive exercises and testing.  There is also a course quiz at the end of every program to assess the student’s retention of the material presented.  Since “SAILS” is internet-based, training managers and customers can download reports on usage and test scores.

SecurAmercia’s computer-based training programs reside on a Learning Management System (LMS) managed by Intellum, an Atlanta-base learning development company. The LMS serves as an external computer server and provides employees and customers with a cutting edge and unparalleled learning and knowledge-capturing source.  Using the LMS, we are able to store, create, manage and distribute, via internet and/or CD/DVD technology, proprietary and off-the-shelf basic and advanced training programming to our employees at work and at home.  This means that our officers can enroll in and be tested on a repertoire of result-driven programs at a time when it is convenient to them and in a method that much more learning and cost effective than traditional classroom programming.  They also are able access their own individual learning profile and download a transcript of all courses they have taken. 

Using LMS technology, participants are tracked through test scores and documentation, particularly critical when managing compliance training requirements, such as CPR/AED; medical, chemical and emergency response training; or security officer driver’s and security licensing renewals.  The LMS also enables a region and account to store a variety of information – such as post orders, policies/procedures and other post or account documentation.  Reports can be generated showing an officer’s training and learning path, including instructor-led courses, on-the-job training, post test/exam scores and any annual training conducted along with their activity in accessing computer-based courses.    We also have the capability of internally creating customized computer-based courses based on the needs of our client or site-specific circumstances and training needs.

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