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Master Security Professional (MSP) Designation

This program is tied to encourage use of SecurAmerica’s computer-based training and was developed to support our mission to deliver “legendary service” to our customers – service that is memorable, responsive and at a professional level that exceeds the expectations of the many people and businesses we serve on a daily basis. 

As part of the MSP program, SecurAmerica created a learning and employee development initiative aimed at making a wide range of computer-based learning programs available to our officers, supervisors and account managers.  Those employees, who complete one or more courses, receive various incentives and rewards, including public recognition, bonus points for 110% Club membership and, ultimately, earn certification as a Master Security Professional or “MSP.”  MSP designations result in the designee receiving a personalized recognition letter from Thomas Givens, SecurAmerica’s president and chief operating officer, a gold lapel pin, a certificate, recognition at the site and national level and 8 points toward 110% Club designation.

The MSP designation varies by position and occurs when certain training and educational milestones are achieved within an established timeframe.  The computer-based programs that MSP candidates will be able to access are fun, interactive and contain the latest industry information on physical security, life safety and risk management concepts!




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