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Attentive Security Officer Helps Saves Resident’s Life

At 4:26 AM, it’s usually pretty quiet at an exclusive high-rise condominium on Boston’s historic waterfront.  That’s when security officer Marla Digaetano was conducting a routine patrol of the fifth floor of the complex.   Shortly after arriving on the floor, Marla could hear what sounded like muffled gurgling noises.  As she tracked down the source of the sounds, she noted a resident who was face down, unconscious and bleeding profusely from his mouth.  His bleeding was interfering with his breathing and he was literally choking on his own blood.  Without hesitation, Marla stepped into high gear.  From her training, she turned the victim on his side to facilitate better airflow at which point the victim, while still unresponsive, stopped choking and began breathing normally.  She then called 911 to request an ambulance and then notified her supervisor to assist her at the scene.  Within minutes, Boston Fire and EMS were on the scene and prepared the victim for transport to a nearby Boston hospital.

In a special award ceremony, Marla was awarded a Legendary Service certificate and gift card.  Vice President, John Fratolillo presented the certificate which read, in part:

“We are proud to salute your valiant efforts on this day and commend you for your keen observation skills, fast thinking, immediate responsiveness and demonstrated compassion for the victim who, thanks to your efforts, survived.”

Pictured, Officer Dagaetano receives SecurAmerica’s Legendary Service Award from John Fratolillo, Vice President of Boston

Marla and John Frat

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