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Boston Account Manager Comes to the Rescue

Orlando Rivera, SecurAmerica's Director of Security at one Boston's most premier waterfront residential and five star hotel properties responded to a medical emergency at a residential unit.  The victim, a retired judge, had collapsed and was experiencing very distressful symptoms associated with a serious medical condition.  Orlando immediately called 911 and responded to the judge's unit where he provided compassionate comfort and first aid to the victim until Boston EMS responded and took control of the scene.  

Orlando's immediate responsiveness, demonstrated compassion to the resident and extremely professional and calming demeanor directly led to the victim making a complete recovery.  Account Manager Rivera was awarded SecurAmerica's Legendary Service Award.  The property's Director of Residences noted, "It is this level of unselfish service that allows us to set our property apart from other residences in Boston and provide the best experiences for our residences, if even in the not so pleasant of times."

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