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Legendary Winter Storms call for "Legendary Service"

Atlanta, Georgia is known for beautiful springs, hot summers, cool falls and mild winters but Mother Winter decided to change things around.  The State of Georgia and, in particular, the Metro Atlanta Area was paralyzed by a freak ice and snow storm that literally left the city on its knees (yes, believe it or not, only three inches of snow actually fell).  News footage of traffic gridlock and commuters taking as much as 30 hours to get home was broadcast across the world.  The gridlock, which was facilitated by the suspension of all public transportation and the closing of all highways for several days wreaked havoc with security officer schedules. 

Due to the weather conditions, few security officers could even get out of their homes to get to their assignments, leaving those managers and officers who were on duty to literally stay at their posts for as long as 48 to 72 hours!  Every Atlanta account and customer was affected by the ice, snow and traffic congestion but in the true spirit of the SecurAmerica brand, it was an opportunity for the Atlanta team to come together, focus on their job, protect client property and in many cases serve as a building's engineering, janitorial and property management support team.  

SecurAmerica received tens of compliments from customers, tenants and employees who were extremely impressed with everyone's personal commitment to provide critical security and safety services at great personal hardship.

At a special ceremony, the entire Atlanta Regional operations and account teams were honored and presented Legendary Service Awards for "their unwavering call to duty despite the personal challenges these efforts may have caused you and your families."   This was an historic event but one that was managed in an extraordinary manner thanks to the many "service legends" who are proud to deliver this level of service no matter the circumstances.

Another winter storm hit Atlanta two weeks after the first storm but this time the city and state were prepared; schools were closed and everyone was ordered off the roads prior to any precipitation making it into the metro area.  Although this storm was minor in comparison, SecurAmerica's account teams worked overtime to support the needs of their clients over the duration of this storm.  Our account teams were once again recognized and presented with Legendary Service Awards.

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