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Potential Catastrophic Fire Averted Thanks to
Officer's Fast Thinking

During the early morning hours, Security Officer Christian Ndanga was conducting a detailed interior patrol of a large, iconic building in Washington DC when he noticed a faint smell that he could not immedicately identify nor did he know from where in the building the odor was coming.  After several minutes, Officer Ndanga tracked the smell to an electrical switch room.  He felt the door and after ensuring it was cool to the touch, he opened it to discover an electrical panel smoldering.  After re-securing the door, Office Ndanga immediately called 911 and alerted the building's property and engineering team.  Washington DC fire crews arrived within minutes and put the fire out. 

The arriving battalion chief and the building's chief engineer indicated in their after-incident reports that, "if not detected by Security Officer Ndanga at the time it was discovered, the event would have developed into a major fire and possible explosion…"  Officer Ndanga's attentiveness and immediate actions could very well have averted a major disaster and, because of his actions, he was presented with SecurAmerica's Legendary Service Award.

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