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Happy Ending to “Code Adam” at Orlando Area Mall

Officer Tom Conroy, a one year veteran of SecurAmerica’s Orlando region, observed a five-year old child wandering unsupervised in the food court area of Eagle Ridge Mall, in Lake Wales, Florida, where SecurAmerica provides security services.   Not seeing an adult nearby who could have been the child’s guardian, Officer Conroy investigated and determined that the child had apparently been left at the mall without any adult supervision.

Officer Conroy immediately notified the authorities and ensured the child’s safety while waiting for police to arrive.  A short time later, a person purporting to be the child’s mother frantically called mall security and told them that she believed that her child had been inadvertently left at the mall.  The child’s mother explained that she had been at the mall with other family members, including her seven children.   The group departed the mall in two vehicles and the mother assumed her five-year old was in another vehicle, only to find out that upon arriving home, her child was missing. 

Officer Conroy’s actions directly led to the safe reunion of mother and child, and his diligence and keen observation skills prevented what could have been a serious situation had the child wandered off, exited the mall to the parking area, or worse yet, been abducted.   

Officer Conroy’s actions are in keeping with the highest traditions of SecurAmerica and it is our distinct honor to recognize his outstanding performance in providing legendary service to the citizens he serves on a daily basis.  His efforts were also lauded by mall management and public safety officials.

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