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Chicago Officers Help Save Tenant’s Life!

SecurAmerica’s commitment to “Legendary Service” took on a whole new meaning when four of SecurAmerica’s security officers sprung into action and heroically saved the life of a tenant who collapsed in front of their building after suffering a massive heart attack.

It was a typical Monday morning at one of the many prestigious Class A office buildings that SecurAmerica helps protect in downtown Chicago, until shortly before 8:00AM.  At that time, Security Officer Ester Duque observed a tenant who was just about to enter the building suddenly collapse.  Immediately, Officer Duque notified Officer Brien Oakley, the building’s security command center operator, to call 911. 

Officer Pascale Saint-Surin, who was also stationed in the building lobby, immediately retrieved the building’s AED (automatic external defibrillator, which is used to “jump start” a heart that has stopped) and both Officers Duque and Saint-Surin went to the aid of the victim.  The officers, both trained and certified in CPR/AED resuscitation, found the victim had no pulse.  The officers, along with another tenant immediately began CPR.  On the instruction of Lead Security Officer Mary Ann Heller who served as on-scene incident commander, the officers began the application of the AED (only after first removing the victim’s necklace which can interfere with the AED’s operation).  The AED’s audible voice initially instructed the officers to continue chest compressions and then, after about a minute, advised them to administer an AED shock. 

The on-scene officers under the leadership of Lead Officer Heller continued CPR and AED shocks until Chicago EMS arrived and took control of the rescue efforts.  During the event, Command Center Officer Oakely, kept in constant contact with the Chicago Fire Department dispatcher, relaying real time information about the victim’s condition and the efforts of the officers at the scene.

The victim was transported to the hospital by the Chicago Fire Department where she was revived and completely recovered from her heart attack.  The paramedics on scene and the emergency room physicians who treated the victim reported that had it not been for the fast and decisive actions taken by all four officers, the victim would not have survived.

All four officers were recognized in a special ceremony attended by client and SecurAmerica management.  Officers received two awards – a “Legendary Service Award, recognizing their demonstrated commitment in providing an extraordinary level of service to their customers and a very special “Guardian Angel Award” that celebrates their heroic and life saving actions.  In addition to the award certificates, the officers received a gift card and an angel lapel pin to signify that they saved a life!

We are very proud to celebrate the accomplishments of these outstanding security professionals.

Officers Pictured from left to right:
Pascale Saint-Surin, Mary Ann Heller, Ester Duque and Brien Oakley

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