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Man's Life Saved After Suicide Attempt

A SecurAmerica security officer was dispatched to the scene of a person allegedly passed out and possibly intoxicated.  Upon further investigation, the officer quickly assessed that the person had attempted suicide.  The officer’s quick thinking and immediate aid helped save this individual until help arrived.  Here is an excerpt from an email sent by the property manager of the building where the incident took place.

"SecurAmerica team – I wanted to share with you something that occurred at the property this morning and how your officers responded.  We received a call at 8:15 am from the landscapers that a man was in the bushes between our two buildings and passed out drunk.  Our 1st shift supervisor, Colin Grimmond, was dispatched and dialed 911 while in route.  When he arrived to the scene, he quickly realized that the man was not drunk but had attempted suicide by cutting his wrists.  Colin was the 1st responder and Marquita Harris was 2nd.  When I arrived a few minutes later, the officers were grabbing shirts from Officer Harris’ vehicle nearby and ripping into strips in order to stop the bleeding around his wrists.  The officers were talking to the man, trying to keep him somewhat alert until the paramedics arrived.  During this time, Officer Harris was already working to secure the scene and two entrances approaching the bushes by directing traffic."

"After the paramedics and police arrived on scene, Colin worked with them side by side by holding the fluids & oxygen bag, tracking down the employee’s facility manager (he worked for Allstate, one of my biggest tenants) and positively identifying the individual.
I’m writing this and going into great detail just to show you how a real life emergency was handled by your officers.  I know that you guys train, teach, talk, write Standard Operating Procedures, etc about this stuff all the time but how often does a SecurAmerica employee actually get to experience such an event?  These two officers, particularly Colin, handled the situation with such grace and integrity; they can even be considered a reason why this man is alive and will fully recover."

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