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Officer’s Fast Thinking Averts Suicide Attempt

It was a typical quiet warm evening when Officer Charles Wilcox, a SecurAmerica security officer assigned to one of Atlanta’s premium high-rise residential buildings received a call from a resident who observed a person on the rooftop pool deck sobbing.  Officer Wilcox immediately responded to the pool area and found a resident soaking wet and crying in a very confused and despondent state.  The resident stated to Officer Wilcox that she was not feeling well and asked him to call 911.  At that moment, the resident’s husband appeared and told Officer Wilcox that his wife was not taking her prescribed medication for a psychological disorder and was very depressed. 

As Officer Wilcox began dialing 911, the female resident jumped back into the pool, swam to the end of the pool and jumped out to climb up on the roof’s retaining wall saying that she was going to kill herself.  Immediately, Officer Wilcox grabbed the resident off of the wall and, with the help of her husband, successfully restrained the resident from jumping to the street seven floors below.  Officer Wilcox completed his 911 call and told the dispatcher that an individual had just tried to commit suicide by jumping off the building.  While waiting for police and paramedics to arrive, Officer Wilcox consoled the female resident and walked her and her husband back to their apartment where police and paramedics met them to transport the woman to the hospital.   

The fast thinking, immediate responsiveness and heartfelt compassion demonstrated by Officer Wilcox helped save the life of a troubled resident and averted a terrible tragedy that was moments away from unfolding.  Officer Wilcox’s actions were subsequently recognized in a special ceremony attended by the property manager of the building and SecurAmerica management.  We are proud to congratulate Officer Wilcox in providing an extraordinary level of service to his customers.

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