Value Add Services

One of SecurAmerica’s key market differentiators is providing a clear and measurable value proposition to our clients, which helps reduce client risk, provide greater return to each billing dollar and create and deliver programs and services that go beyond the traditional manned security officer provider.

Many providers claim to provide value-added services but either include the costs of these services in the bill rate or later indicate these services, in order to be provided, must be billed on a pass through basis. Our value-add capabilities are provided with no direct or indirect cost to the client and include:

  • Building condition, safety, maintenance and janitorial inspections to identify:
    • Safety hazards
    • Engineering systems check and monitoring
    • Burned out lighting
    • Overgrown landscaping
    • Potential security risks
    • Equipment not operating properly
    • Office/common area cleanliness
    • Fire and life safety equipment not working properly
    • Fire extinguisher inspections
    • Anything that could have a negative image on the property’s overall look, safety and security
  • Employee educational sessions which are facilitated by SecurAmerica’s local security experts addressing a wide range of topics that can be taught via a web-based seminar or an instructor-led class (such as a “Lunch and Learn” monthly or quarterly program):
    • Crime prevention
    • Workplace violence
    • Active shooter
    • Suspicious activity/persons/package reporting
    • Office creeper
    • Laptop theft prevention
    • Home safety
    • Holiday safety
    • Child safety (stranger danger, internet safety, bullying)
    • Vehicle safety
    • Identity theft
    • Fire prevention, including training on the use of fire extinguishers
    • Terrorism awareness and preparation
    • Earthquake/wild fire preparedness
    • Severe weather preparedness
    • CPR/First aid/AED (for employees and their families; materials would incur a cost but not instruction)
    • Safe driver training (for adults and teens)
    • Executive security training (travel, driving, home, abroad)
    • Other client-specified training or topics of interest
  • Employee educational sessions which are facilitated by SecurAmerica's local security experts addressing a wide range of topics that can be taught via a web-based seminar or an instructor-led class (such as a "Lunch and Learn" monthly or quarterly program)
  • Facilitation of a security/safety orientation for new client employees and vendors.
  • Coordination of site familiarization tours with local fire department and law enforcement.
  • Development of a fire warden training program which includes working with the local fire department in validating a site’s fire evacuation plan and conducting training for fire wardens and employees.
  • Management of security program components such as programming and issuance of access cards, coordination of system repairs/maintenance, conducting site physical vulnerability assessments and establishing close, working liaisons with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

We also have the capability to deliver a wide range of billable services over and above a site’s contract security needs including investigative, shuttle bus, locksmith, medical/chemical response, badge room and proprietary data collection services.

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