Giving Your Options Back

While our competitors offer inferior products and "one-size-fits-all" service, we seek to understand our customer’s business-related needs and create unique service solutions that reflect these requirements. Using our Client Culture Audit, for instance, we identify the key characteristics that reflect your unique culture and the specific security needs at your site(s). We then translate these into a customized recruiting profile and behavioral interview questions that ensure a match between your organization and our officers.This cultural match yields greater customer satisfaction, improves officer retention and loyalty, and strengthens your security program.

Trend No. 1 Consolidation
Trend No. 2 Public Ownership
Trend No. 3 Limited Options

Don't settle for the impersonal service, "one-size-fits-all" products, and poorly trained officers offered by the contract security industry today. Instead, choose the personalized service, customized solutions, and well trained and motivated personnel that only SecurAmerica can offer. We can bring a new dimension to your security program, increase the safety of your facilities and, ultimately, create a feeling of greater security and satisfaction among your own employees and visitors.

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