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SecurAmerica – Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

SecurAmerica’s mission is to be the best security provider that our customers have ever worked with – to accomplish this, our goal is to provide legendary and responsive security service solutions to our clients that produce uncompromising value, cost effectiveness and results for our clients’ diverse business needs.

Our Vision

Our business model is based on creating and delivering operational excellence to each customer by selecting the right people, training them to exceed our customers’ requirements and embracing a culture that is focused on 100% customer and employee satisfaction. This model has earned us the respect of the security industry, fueled robust growth in every market we have entered and resulted in high annual employee and customer retention rates that serve as industry benchmarks.

SecurAmerica’s Core Values:

  • Work with quality people and deliver the best training
  • Create a culture of providing Legendary Service and deliver that service at every interaction
  • Analyze every business process for quality and efficiencies and report metrics to customers
  • Provide customized solutions based on each client’s unique needs & goals
  • Deliver a wide range of value-added services accentuated by a deep knowledge of key business sectors
  • Be employee-focused, customer centric
  • Provide seamless transition processes
  • Offer a comprehensive suite of technology that enables superior officer performance
  • Deliver tangible value to our employees, customers and shareholders

These values are the foundation of our business model and define the way we treat our employees and conduct business with our clients.

SecurAmerica LLC
3399 Peachtree Rd, NE
Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30326
Tel: 404.926.4222

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