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History of SecurAmerica

SecurAmerica was founded in 2005 by legendary entrepreneur Frank Argenbright, Jr. Mr. Argenbright’s career in the contract security industry began in 1979 when he invested $500 into a failing security firm and from very humble beginnings built a multi-national, billion dollar enterprise serving Fortune 500 Companies around the world. In 2000, Frank sold his initial company to a publicly traded company based out of England. After several years, he decided it was time to start up another security company that could become an industry leader in both employee work culture and customer service, so in January 2005, SecurAmerica was born!

SecurAmerica has become a changing force in the industry. As more and more security companies are purchased by foreign companies that are only focused on the “bottom line”, security officer retention and customer satisfaction levels are at all time lows. This has resulted in the stereotype that all “guard companies” are the same and a feeling by many businesses that there is no real choice in the security services market. SecurAmerica was founded on the principle that by selecting “the best of the best” to serve “the best of the best”, we could offer a real choice to the customers we serve by attracting great people and support them to deliver a level of service – that we call “legendary service” - that is unmatched in the contract security industry.

SecurAmerica is also proud to be American owned and privately-held. This gives us enormous freedom in making decisions based on what’s right for our people and our customers as opposed to making decisions in order to please Wall Street or a group of private investors. And it allows our business model to be anchored in American pride and the values we, as Americans, hold dear!

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